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7 style lessons we learned from Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling style

The Venice Film Festival received Ryan Gosling to promote First Man, but more than that, he left us some style lessons that you should know.

From La La Land, Ryan Gosling has been characterized by wearing rules-breaking outfits and kicking butt that has claimed the world of men’s fashion. In fact, Ryan did not discover any black thread, therefore, he did not create a style or a fashion; but it did trend some ways of dressing.

Ryan Gosling style in 2016 was the year of the suits without a jacket and the shirts in casual and casual styles marked everything in the men’s wardrobe; The film starring Gosling was one of his symptoms. Now, two years later, Ryan appeared at the Venice Festival to promote First Man – Damien Chazelle’s film – and appeared with a pair of unconventional attire that caught the attention of experts and fans of trends.

With this, he not only gave the chair of the style he possesses, the bearing with which he dresses and the way he wears such a simple outfit, but he left us 7 more lessons to follow if you want to see yourself so simply, elegant. HOW TO WEAR BROWN SHOES WITH A BLACK SUIT OR TROUSERS

1.- Suit in two shades

Although it looked like he was wearing a suit of the same color, he was actually wearing a two-tone suit. While the pants were in a more burnt red, the bag was slightly more orange. Didn’t he look excellent?

Ryan Gosling

2.- Clean shoes, but not impeccable.

Gosling is the king of style and therefore does not hesitate to play with his ability to create new trends. He carried a pair of somewhat worn oxfords to the front of the Venice festival carpet; However, it is easy to believe that they are part of the design.

Ryan Gosling

3.- Without tie

Thanks to Ryan we know that a tie is not necessary. He wore neither a bun nor a conventional one, he only wore the shirt closed to the neck.

Ryan Gosling

4.- T-shirt under the shirt

While it is true that it is a style that was already seen a couple of decades ago, Gosling brought it back formally-informally. A simple shirt under the shirt and did not need accessories or extra clothes.

Ryan Gosling

5.- In formal events, the bag must be buckled

The look may be casual or semi informal, but buckled gives an air of sophistication and elegance that, in fact, Ryan represents perfectly.

Ryan Gosling

6.- White over black

On his way through the red carpet, he also showed his love for two colors, in this case opposite: white blazer and black pants.

Ryan Gosling

7.- Rescuing old trends

Seventy is all you need to look good. Ryan opted for a semi-open shirt with designs in brown and copper tones to stand out in his suit of the same tones. Light, comfortable and pretty, do you need anything else for a shirt?

If you think Ryan Gosling put a lot of effort into his look, maybe you’re wrong, since he’s neutral about his way of dressing. Perhaps, that is the success of his style, which is increasingly improved, “refined” and even select. Try it too.

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