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The (Inner Chest) or How to develop the Sternal Groove?

inner chest
inner chest

Would you like to know how to develop the internal sternal or pectoral groove? As you know, developing the internal part of the chest is an important step to reach the great achievement that is to have well-defined pecs. Let’s see how to achieve it.

Let’s be honest to see that separation in the “internal pectoral” provides a robust and defined aspect. But what is the most effective way to focus training specifically on this area? Is this really possible?

What are the best exercises, workouts and tips to mark the inner groove of the chest and with maximum efficiency?

Well then I answer these and more questions to make the topic as clear as possible, and you know, if you still have doubts you can leave a comment at the end of the article.


You can search on Google and you will find a host of different articles and videos showing how the inner Chest Press and its variants supposedly “isolate” the internal fibers of the pectorals …

However, if you take a look at the anatomy of the pectoral muscle and the way the fibers develop, you will see that it is NOT really possible to specifically isolate what is known as the inner chest or sternal groove, without intervening in the middle and outer fibers at the same time.

Reviewing the anatomy of the pectorals a little, we can know that the pectoralis is basically made up of 2 sets of fibers: the “upper” clavicular fibers and the “lower” sternocostal fibers

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Clavicular fibers originate in the clavicle and are inserted into the humerus (this portion is generally called “the upper pectoral”), while sternocostal fibers originate in the sternum and are inserted into the humerus (this portion is called commonly as the “bottom of the pectoral”).


inner chest

Because each of the fiber assemblies we saw above has its own origin and unique insertion points, it is possible to specifically target the upper or lower chest by using different Press and Opening exercises at different angles.

Tilt movements will shift the emphasis towards the upper clavicular fibers, while flat and declined movements will specifically affect the lower sternocostal fibers.

In terms of training specific areas of the chest to increase muscle size, this is all we can do, basically it is to train the lower and upper chest, to put it in a way that is understood.

That is why I repeat it again, in case there are still doubts … The effort cannot be isolated or directed to the “internal pectoral” for the simple reason that there really is no such muscle or muscle group.

So, except for the openings in flat bank or in a declined bank that if they can offer you a bonus, no matter what “other specific exercises” to develop the internal pectoral copies of the internet to add to your routine, you will not get the results you expect when focusing in this way.

But be careful with the interpretation of the article, this does not mean that this area cannot be developed, it only means that training cannot be directed specifically to this area.

So, if what you are looking for is to stimulate what many know as “internal pectorals,” then the “middle” and “external” portion of these fibers should be stimulated.

That is, you must develop your pectoral muscles, using the enormous variety of exercises for pectorals, and as you do, you will see that your sternal groove will naturally be marked.

Is it an easy road? no! But it is the only possible way to achieve it, if you do not strive to develop muscle mass in the area, you will not get the results you want.


In short, in order to develop the inner groove of the pectorals, you simply have to focus on developing the chest as a whole.

As I told you before, and I repeat again, as your pecs become bigger and stronger, over time, that “internal pectoral” will become increasingly noticeable.

Using different “magic” techniques or routines is only a waste of time and effort.

The only possible factor to consider here is that: since the lower fibers of the sternocostal adhere to the sternum, the development of these fibers will probably have a more noticeable impact on your goal.

For this reason, it is that the best exercises for the internal pectoral are (technically) any type of Press or Opening performed at a flat or declined angle.

In conclusion! Stop worrying about the “inner chest” or “sternal groove” and just focus on maximizing the development of the pectorals as a whole, using the correct concept of muscle hypertrophy. You will see that over time you will be closer and closer to your goal.

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