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How to wear a white suit to look amazing?

white suit

The white suit has always been complicated to wear. It is inevitable not to feel like a kind of gangster of the 20s (or, well, of any other decade) every time you wear it. Possibly because they are the ones who really put it in that eagerness to appear power and waste, that they had money left over.

Who is going to wear a white suit on a day-to-day basis, a suit that gets stained just by looking at it? Someone who may be taking it to the dry cleaner every five minutes. A man with a lot of money.3 Best Ways To Wear A Formal Suit

The costumes of that time were excessive, for their construction and for the choice of fabrics, which are daring for the time: diplomatic stripes, princes of Wales, crow’s feet, window frames, pastel tones and, of course, white. But not everything has this wolf patina dressed in lambskin.

The fashion icons of each era have also dressed him with the license that gives them his status: from David Bowie as White Duke to the recent Timothée Chalamet or Rami Malek, going through fictional characters like the great Gatsby or Tony Montana of ‘ Scarface ‘. But will it really hit the street?

white suit

Fashion firms have been trying several summers, and it seems that this will be the definitive judging by the amount of possibilities that hang from the hangers of the stores and the exaggerated taste for the white that the brands have manifested this season, especially in total look, that is, white from head to toe in cotton, denim or linen. Although not only of the fashion brands comes this obsession, remembering the images of our 25th-anniversary party, we realize that the white suit in all its versions and combinations was the most chosen of the night, and so our assistants took it.

In total look

Perhaps, the riskiest option. The trick is not to combine it in an obvious way, that is, with a white shirt. You can do it with a black shirt, accentuating the gangster look,or take advantage of the trend of patterned shirts to add color to the look. The artist Simmon Said chose to combine both concepts in a black shirt stamped in white, the binomial that never fails.

white suit

With t-shirt

This season the main fashion firms invite us to recover the suit, especially after a time when the tracksuit has been the star garment but they do not recover it in a classical way, but they update it to the times that run and combine it with a shirt, as did the model Juan Betancourt, and with slippers, the cult accessory of our time.

white suit

Broken up

When you buy a suit, take advantage of all the possibilities of use. You don’t always have to wear it full, you can use the jacket and pants separately to create different looks.If the full white suit seems too early, you can get used to it by using the jacket in your summer nights.

white suit


white suit

If you are not a friend of conventions and prefer a different option, you can flip the classic spezzato or combined, which leaves the darkest tone above and the lightest belowPut into practice this trend that the catwalks propose for a couple of summers and leave the dark color at the top and the white at the bottom, as did the influencer and photographer

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