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3 Best Ways to Wear a Formal Suit

formal suit

The ‘business’ suit, in cotton, with its classic stripes and in navy or charcoal gray, is ideal for the office. But with a touch of fashion, it becomes a winning bet for the whole day.

How to wear a Formal Suit suit for men?

Knowing what to wear in a Formal Suit can be a difficult and sometimes boring task. Or you will use more Formal Suit, or you will choose a random color and you will really ruin things.

To help answer some, we have put together a selection of our favorite photos of streets, celebrities, and catalogs that show the best in Formal Suit.
Simple rules to follow when wearing a Formal Suit

formal suit

Formal Suit that is specifically made to work while conducting important negotiations, to give you security and that of two buttons and one of them. Take advantage of how good the jackets feel like this to the male figure and add a tie that contrasts (slightly) with the shirt you choose.

Night look

formal suit

The perfect gentleman is both for business and for dining out. In certain events, wearing a bow tie will distinguish you from the rest. Such a classic accessory can be a gesture of rebellion when no one expects you to wear it. The hat is the quintessence of elegance. But don’t make any of the mistakes when wearing a suit.

Informal Look

formal suit

The positive connotation of informal arises from the union between the suit and the knitted sweater. An idea that is not difficult to replicate and with which it is impossible not to succeed. In the autumn days, we encourage you to mix these clothes, which every man has in his closet. Wear the jacket as a coat and when you arrive at your destination let the jersey-suit combination suit exert its magic.

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