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7 Best Shoes to Wear with Shorts

Best Shoes to Wear with Shorts

Thanks to its versatility, best shoes to wear with shorts can be worn not only during relaxing days at the beach or pool. And they are also adaptable for countless occasions and different dress codes. While this adaptability makes shorts an easy choice, it can also make the decision to combine them with the right male footwear more complicated.

Choosing the right shoe style is very important to create an elegant style. Today I am going to try to give you a cable and I will show you what kind of men’s footwear fits well with shorts. How to wear a light blue men’s suit

How to choose the Male Footwear that matches shorts without looking like a child

There are men who don’t usually wear shorts in summer because they look like when they were kids. But that’s because they don’t succeed with the pair of shorts and men’s shoes.

I want to give you some ideas Best Shoes to Wear with Shorts and that you feel comfortable with the look.

1. Sneakers

If you are looking for an urban style but without overdoing it, sneakers are a good option to combine with your shorts.

You can opt for recognized brands such as Nike, Adidas or Converse, among many others, or you can give it a touch of design with the Prada or Alexander McQueen Haute Couture models.

No matter what style you choose. Best Shoes to Wear with Shorts Sneakers are an important element in your daily looks. Why wouldn’t the same thing happen if you combine them with your shorts?

This is a great casual look for your day to day. And to complete the outfit, nothing better than combining your sneakers and pants with a polo or a shirt. Of course, if you want to give it a more formal touch, try to combine sneakers with a shirt and Chinese shorts.

And who told you that you can’t wear an elegant jacket with this kind of looks? Try combining your blue blazer with a black basic T-shirt, sneakers and your shorts. You will hallucinate with the result.

Best Shoes to Wear with Shorts

2. Loafers

A good pair of loafers will save you from more than a hurry. Indispensable male footwear for your summer looks. Combined with shorts, the moccasins make the ideal set to go out during the day. And also, depending on whether you want a casual or formal style, you can make many combinations.

Try a pair of shorts, a shirt, a blazer and loafers. It is a semi-formal look of the most practical and comfortable. But if you are looking for a more casual style, nothing better than a white basic T-shirt, instead of the shirt. Of course, forbidden to wear socks.

Best Shoes to Wear with Shorts

3 . Brogues

If you are looking for a classic look, brogue shoes will be of great help. These shoes are elegant and timeless. It is a very characteristic male footwear because it has perforations.

You must bet on some also elegant shorts. And it combines with a shirt in a classic color. Although depending on the hue of your shoes, you can create very casual looks

Best Shoes to Wear with Shorts

4. Sandals or flip flops

There is nothing more comfortable to spend the day in the pool, or in a beach bar than shorts and sandals or flip flops. Shorts and sandals are the best friends that exist, and if you know how to combine them they make a perfect match. To achieve a good look, combine denim or white shorts with a plain t-shirt. You just have to wear the sandals or flip flops that you like best. Mind you, make sure your feet are well taken care of before putting on this shoe.

Best Shoes to Wear with Shorts

5 . Nautical

When the nautical is used in the right way, they can be the most elegant and can even bring some maturity to a look. The nautical ones achieve a comfortable balance between the elegant and the casual, something that makes them easier to combine.

When you have to attend a rather formal event, combine them with a Chinese shorts. Opt for a good fit and combine them with a tailored shirt to maintain balance. It is better to choose nautical in neutral colors such as navy blue, brown or beige.

Best Shoes to Wear with Shorts


If you are looking for a current but relaxed style, espadrilles are your best option. A male footwear created in canvas or cotton fabric is great for not cooking your feet during the summer.

When it comes to choosing which garments you are going to wear with your espadrilles, there are some elements that will help you get a casual look effortlessly. Chinese shorts are one of those garments that you can rely on more than one situation. Combine them with your espadrilles, a shirt and a blazer for a more elegant look. And if you’re looking for a more casual look, nothing better than a simple polo shirt combined with denim shorts.

Best Shoes to Wear with Shorts

7. Dessert Boots

While shorts are traditionally recognized as a fresh and casual garment. The addition of dessert boots can instantly change your looks. These boots are a staple in any closet and offer a unique aesthetic that other shoes cannot. Ideal footwear for casual looks but also easily combined with elegant looks.

Combine your dessert boots with a custom shirt and Chinese shorts for a modern style. Also wear a sweater or jacket when it is cold and you can easily transition from day tonight. Boots and shorts may seem like a strange combination but it works.

Best Shoes to Wear with Shorts

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