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5 exercise routines for biceps and back

Biceps and Back Workout

Biceps and Back Workout

The biceps and the back are a set of muscles that are usually worked together in many training routines for hypertrophy. The reason is the same as when we include we work the triceps and the chest in the same session, since both cases are muscles that are closely related.

I explain, when we work dominated, pull after neck or rowing with bar (which are exercises for back) the biceps are also subjected to great stress and workload.

You will have observed that the biceps and the forearm are present in almost all the back exercises.

And indeed, let’s make a muscle one before the other, it will take its toll on subsequent performance of the next. But it comes phenomenally to get a job and stimulate the growth of lean mass in the second muscle area we exercise.

It is advisable to work, first the back that the biceps, because with it we will also develop the arms and to give importance to that muscular strip that has more fibers.

Anyway, this will depend on the routine of exercises for biceps and back we are doing, because depending on the fundamentals on which it sits, it may be perfectly feasible to perform the biceps that the back.

As we always do in our video compilations, these biceps and back exercise routines are varied and do not include all, not the same exercises, nor the same training methodologies. To improve, your knowledge at the sports level and for you to choose, we will continue to maintain this philosophy.
Workout Anytime

Training arms

When it comes to training arms, there are many options. There always seems to be new versions of exercises that come from everywhere.

Having all these options can be useful when you have trained for years and are getting bored a little of the same exercises as always. But if you’re new to the gym, classics can be your best bet. Fortunately, you can leave the guesswork and make the most of your time in the gym with these alternative arm exercises for beginners.

Working the muscles of the arms can make your daily activities easier: everything from raising your baby to littering the kitchen. It is important to train the muscles you use for many of your daily tasks, regardless of how large or small they are.

The best part of this exercise? You will not have to use confusing equipment. Just go to the gym, grab a pair of dumbbells that you feel comfortable with and start:

Exercise routines for biceps and back – 1

Exercise routines for biceps and back – 2

Exercise routines for biceps and back – 3

Exercise routines for biceps and back – 4

Exercise routines for biceps and back – 5

We hope you guys like it. These videos are embedded from youtube.

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