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Top Short beard styles

short beard style

The mustache and beard have been two great friends of man, for hundreds of years. Although, before the beards were not so aesthetic or well maintained, for Short beard styles there are machines and people who are responsible for maintaining, or removing facial hair in the right way, giving it a

Back workout


Back workouts are most important if you want to build well body. Either one does not work properly or the exercises are poorly chosen. Good because we focus on other parts of our more visible anatomy, such as arms, shoulders or chest, or because we are unable to determine what work routine will provide

Workout anytime

Workout anytime

The schedule depends on you and what you try to achieve: lose centimeters of the waist or win them on the biceps. Any time is valid and each one has its pros and cons, especially for each type of exercise and your goals. Workout anytime If you never exercise, workout any time

How to get skinny

how to get skinny

How to get skinny in a week Realistically speaking, there isn't much you can do about your body composition in a single week. As Craig Good said, unless you're skinny at the beginning of the week, you won't be at the end. However, here are a couple of tips that you could put

Fat to fit

Diets to gain weight for men are intended to achieve a greater increase in muscle mass than women. Therefore, the content of nutrients, proteins, and calories, must be accompanied by weight training to gain those extra centimeters in the muscles and not around the stomach in the form of fat. If you are dedicated to doing

Men’s facial hairstyles

Men's facial hairstyles

Gone are the years when men went to the barbershop to get a haircut for a classic man. Nowadays men do not want hairstyles of bored men, they want and should wear hairstyles of modern men. That is why unisex hairdressers and men's hairdressers have become popular in recent years. The short hairstyle for